The Concept

The concept - that's how it works: 

1. You sort out your stuff (maybe according to the Marie Kondo method) and think about the prices you want to get for it. Please pay attention to our sales tips ! 

2. You get a customer account and a customer number. Your customer number is on all your price labels, so each sold article can be assigned immediately to your account.

3. Select sales place. You can rent either a shelf or a whole shelf, adapted to the items you want to sell. Or you can rent a parking space, a clothes hanger or a complete clothes rail. For valuable things we also provide showcase places. 

4. The procedure: You can change clothes or other articles at any time during the whole rental period and refill them again and again ! 

5. Costs: With us only the rent results, we do not take commission! 

You would like to be advised by us ? Come to us in the shop and talk to us.  
We help gladly further!